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medical professionals performing surgery
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Surgical Camera


A lightweight, head-mounted camera, purposefully designed to capture point of view footage of operative field during open surgical procedures.


  • adjustable recording resolution

  • built in image stabilisation

  • wireless remote control

  • 6+ hours of Full HD recording

  • <40g in weight

  • mounted to a lightweight, durable, comfortable and sturdy headband with rear ratchet and adjustable head strap

  • 'magic arm' mounting allows for precise positioning across multiple axis with only a single point of adjustment

  • user friendly mobile and PC applications for positioning and control

Head Mounted

True POV capture

Untethered for easy mobilisation

Only 55g in weight

Precise Positioning

Single point of adjustment

Precise positioning across multiple axes

Lock and maintain position between procedures

Crisp, Clear Footage

1080p recording at 60fps

Custom configured to your working distance in built stabilisation

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